Project Description

TEDxUNLV Flipping The Switch

On April 11, 2014 our team put on TEDxUNLV: Flipping the Switch with the phenomenal support and help from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. TEDxUNLV’s theme, Flipping The Switch, had both a complex vibe and a pleasing simplicity that was the center of our event on April 11, 2014.

The goal of TEDxUNLV was to bring our campus and community together by sharing innovation and creativity through the internationally known platform of TED. Our event highlighted how, beyond the fabulous nightlife that our city is known for, Las Vegas is full of Ideas Worth Spreading. With our accomplished lineup of speakers and the university’s Tier 1 Initiative, we truly “Flipped The Switch” on the way the world thinks about Las Vegas and UNLV.

Below our sessions themes and speakers.

Session 1: Ignite

To ignite means literally to “catch fire.” What does that mean to you? For TEDxUNLV, we believe that ideas catch fire within the human mind, forcing that idea to spread, rapidly, without the possibility of containment, to other minds. The initial spark which sets in motion the inventor’s first schematic, the storyteller’s first words, the scientist’s first question, should be carefully considered, shared, and discussed with others. It is here, in the mind, where the fire of ingenuity, of genius, of practicality, burns brightest. Here lays a burning passion to do something. What burns in your mind?

Session 2: Imagine

To imagine means literally to “form a mental image” of something, as if the imagined idea truly exists in that moment. For TEDxUNLV, we believe that imagination is not merely the illusion of reality, but rather it is the very moment that an idea, a passion of the mind, becomes tangible. Here, at this moment, the desire to do, to create, to discover, crosses paths with the ability to do, to create, and to discover. From the imagination comes the opportunity to change the world. How do you imagine changing the world?

Session 3:

To illuminate means literally to “brighten with light.” From our simplest biology, life requires light to sustain itself. For TEDxUNLV, we believe life exists in ideas, and that ideas are worth illumination. Illumination sustains ideas in a way that allows them to be propagated long into the future, to be seen by many, to be understood by all. A good idea can continue in this way to change the world, and to ignite new sparks to keep the cycle of inspiration going, forever. What big idea will you keep from fading?